Riding Fat Fienchen in Utopiastadt on July 07th

Fat Fienchen… what even is that?

The means of transport, known by the commonly used name Fienchen, is a free cargo bike that is financed by donations. This means that it can be used by everyone free of charge. Fienchen was presented to the public in April 2016 and has since found great enthusiasm among the people of Wuppertal, so that there are now many different versions, such as Olaf, the heavy-duty bike, or Fienchen II.

The church at the university will take you on 07 July to the Nordbahntrasse to try out riding Fienchen, and maybe you will discover riding a cargo bike for yourself and do your shopping or something similar with it in the future. Fienchen is a great project that for many is a great help in everyday life, and for others is a fun way to go out.

After the Fienchen ride, the Solar Decathlon site will be visited and a pub visit will also follow. 

Meeting point is at 6.30 pm at Mirker Bahnhof (Utopiastadt), Mirker Straße 48, 42105 Wuppertal. Registration is not necessary, just drop by if you feel like an outdoor excursion.


(Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash)