Helpful Information about the University’s Websites

If you need help with studiloewe, wusel, moodle or your webmail system, you do not always have to contact the Centre for Information and Media Processing (ZIM), even though the people working there are very nice and patient. You should rather contact your Buddy or read the following tips and tricks!

Down below you can find a YouTube Video on how to correctly use StudiLöwe. With StudiLöwe you can take courses, download your certificate of study and other documents and view your achievements.

Furthermore you can find another YouTube tutorial on how to use the platform Moodle correctly.

Moodle is really important during your studies, because almost every course is listed there and the lecturers upload their documents there. You might need an “Einschreibeschlüssel”, an enrolment key, but you will receive the registration key in the first session at the latest. Otherwise you may send an email to your professor or lecturer.

You can register for exams via Wusel. Examinations that can only be repeated with restrictions, but also examinations that can be repeated without restrictions are listed there. You need to know the exact name of your module and, if applicable, the name of your examiner in order to register for the correct exam.

Don’t be confused by the fact that the summer semester 2020 is listed as the current semester, you will still find the exams from the current semester.