Your studies in Wuppertal: everything you need to know


Are you still thinking about whether studying at the University of Wuppertal is the right thing for you?


There are many arguments for taking the step to Wuppertal! Apart from the fact that Wuppertal is a great city, the university offers a wide variety of degree programmes, and the students are also very diverse and open-minded. With just under 23,000 students, the university is small compared to other universities in the area, which has never been noticed in a negative way, but rather ensures that you sometimes run into a familiar face on campus.

The International Students Team of the university takes care of events and a colourful social programme, so that contact with other students and especially other international students is ensured even beyond your courses. Our Stammtisch (regulars’ table) takes place weekly, where everyone who wants to and has the time can make new contacts and form friendships.

You are also welcome to read the reports of experience of other international students, who write about their experiences here at the university and during their stay.

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Have you already decided to study in Wuppertal?


We are very happy about that! Below you will find a lot of information that you can use before and during your studies.

Important for many students is the Campus App, which is available for free download, because it contains many useful functions and information.

Then you will find instructions on how to deal with the various websites of the university, including Moodle and StudiLoewe, which you need in almost every course and to register for these courses. Other pages that are relevant are the webmail system, where you log in with your ZIM data or matriculation number and self-defined password, and the page Wusel, if you have to register for exams this is sometimes relevant.