IST Welcome Week PUB-CRAWL Wuppertal WS2017/18

//Hello and welcome to Wuppertal//

This year we want to start our welcome week with a pub-crawl in the city centre. There will be no entrance at the bars, you just have to pay your drinks and of course we will have some specials for you!


We meet at 7 PM in front of the City Arcaden, or if you life in the student dorms, there will be a meeting point in front of „Neue Burse“ at 6:30 PM.


We hope you will all join us and have an awesome night.

Medieval fairs at the nearby Schloss Burg

Fancy seeing a medieval castle brimming with life? On Saturday the 24th of June, you’ll have the chance to join us on a trip to one of Germany’s many beautiful medieval fairs at the nearby Schloss Burg.

You will be able to see and walk around the impressive 12th century castle, which is one of the landmarks of the region, as you please, watch participants in costumes recreating medieval life within its walls, browse market stalls selling medieval style, handcrafted goods and enjoy some mead, wine or (surprise surprise!) beer at the tavern to relax.

Now the details:
Meetup is at 12 at the Uni-Halle station. If that is too early for you (or your expected hangover from a friday night 😉 ), let me know and we may move it up a little. The fair goes all day and thus we’re pretty flexible with our time.

The price for this trip is 3€

I’ll be at the Stammtisch this and all following weeks with a list for all that are interested, but you can also message me directly if you can’t make it there.