Ice Skating


Hi guys! ⛸❄
On Wednesday, 11.12.2019, we will make a trip to Cologne to ice skate.

We will meet at 5 o’clock at the main station in Wuppertal at the piano.

4€ per person

You can register tomorrow at the Stammtisch. Sebastian Birr

See you soon! ⛸❄

International Dinner

Hi guys,

We are happy to invite you to our International Dinner. 🍖🍛🌭🥧🥨🥐🧀🍣

Here´s the basic idea: Everybody prepares a typical dish from his or her native country and share it with other international students.
You want to participate in this event? Then please come to our weekly stammtisch, sign up and let us know which dish you´re gonna prepare.

Otherwise you can fill out our interactive spreadsheet by clicking on the following link:

If you don´t prepare a meal from your native country you can still join us. However, as a matter of fairness to the students who contributed dishes to the dinner you´ll have to pay a small entrance fee (10€). This also applies to ready prepared meals that were bought at a supermarket!
This event will take place on Saturday, December 7 (7.00 pm, dinner starts at 8.00 pm) at the Asta-Ebene (Campus Grifflenberg, Building ME, Level 04) right next to the Uni-Kneipe.
We will provide Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages and
afterwards there will be an afterparty with great music and some
surprises 😉
Please note that you cannot bring your own beverages due to security reasons.

We´re looking forward to tasting your dishes and discover the cultural diversity of your native cuisines!

Cheers, Your IST-Team 💚

Dechenhöhle // October 26

Come with us and discover the beautiful cave in Iserlohn. The Dechen Cave is one of the most visited show caves in Germany. It is located in the northern part of the Sauerland at Iserlohn (Grüne district). 360 metres of the 870-metre long cave have been laid out for visitors, beginning at the spot where, in 1868, the cave was discovered by two railway workers. The workers dropped a hammer into a rock crevice which turned out to be the entrance to a dripstone cave when they were searching for the lost tool.

Cost/Person: 6 €

Pls come to our Stammtisch on Thursday (24 October) and sign up!

Take a first look here: