The river was deep but I swam it, Janet
The future is ours so let’s plan it, Janet
So please don’t tell me to can it, Janet
I’ve one thing to say and that’s
Dammit, Janet, I love you
On 8.6.19 we visited Richard O´Briens famous Musical „Rocky Horror Show“ in Hagen. Thanks to the funny story, an outstanding staging and the great songs, this interactive Musical was an incredible experience for each one of us.

But it’s the pelvic thrust
That really drives you insane
Let’s do the Time Warp again
Let’s do the Time Warp again

Extraschicht (June 29)

Once a year, a very special cultural event puts on a great show in the Ruhr Area that always turns heads: the area is transformed into a Ruhr metropolis with no city limits and the individual features of the former industrial region come together to form a larger whole. ExtraSchicht – Night of Industrial Culture brings together the region’s industrial heritage sites all in one night and allows visitors to experience a wide spectrum of culture unlike anything else.

After all, the ExtraSchicht is a festival of superlatives: in just one night, over 500 different events are held at more than 45 venues at 20 different sites in the Ruhr Area. Over 2,000 artists are involved, providing visitors with a most diverse range of cultural experiences in spectacular settings of industrial heritage. Visitors are free to choose from among the seemingly endless choices on offer. Want to look at street art? Take in the symphony? Experience improvisational theatre? Or would you prefer to dance the night away at the headphone party?

Date: June 29
Cost per person: 4 €

If you wanna come then please pay at the Stammtisch on June 13.

For more Information please read the invitation from the International Office


Trip to the Safaripark 2019

On June, 1st we had the opportunity to visit the Safaripark Stukenbrock near Bielefeld.
Despite a very long journey, it was a very successful day for everyone.
We drove with a safari bus through the large enclosures and were able to observe lions, giraffes and zebras.






Then we were able to get a closer look at animals in the zoo in their own enclosures and had the opportunity to try different rides of the amusement park.
No matter if it was a rollercoaster, freefall or water rides (where we were glad that it deserves the name due to the warm weather):
there was something suitable for everyone, so that everyone arrived satisfied and exhausted in Wuppertal at the end.