Powerpoint Karaoke

For our next online game night we are planning something special for you: a Powerpoint Karaoke!

Photo: Colourbox.com

“What on earth is that?“ you may ask.

Powerpoint Karaoke (also known as Battle Decks) is a game with very simple rules: The presenter or presenting team gets a deck of Powerpoint slides they have never seen before and must convincingly hold a presentation about it. We created some fun random slides about different topics and are excited about what you’re gonna tell us about them 😉

Don’t worry! You don’t need any knowledge about specific topics, it’s just about improvising and inventing your own funny interpretations of the slides. Besides, you will be presenting in teams, so in case you get stuck, your teammates can help you out.

When? Thursday, 17th of June, 8 pm

Where? Via zoom (zoom link will be shared on facebook and whatsapp before the event)

You can sign up here for the event.

After the game we will leave the meeting open to have some drinks and talks together or maybe play some more online games.

See you next Thursday on zoom!

Football Pool (UEFA Euro 2020)

Attention to all the football fans and wanna-be fortune tellers!

Photo: Colourbox.com

The UEFA Euro 2020 is about to start on June 11. Who’s gonna win? Maybe Germany? Or the defending champion Portugal?
We created a kicktipp betting game for all the matches of this tournament.

Please note that there is no money involved. It’s just for fun! Everybody can join this game even if you are not interested in football. Just guess 🙂
The best guesser will be rewarded with a huuuuuge prize!


Just sign up via the following links: English; Français; Español; Deutsch.

Good luck with your bets! May the best team win!

City Rallye

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to our next event!

Photo: Simon Wierzba on Unsplash

The city rallye consists of riddles and hints about our beautiful City Wuppertal. The goal is to be the first team to complete the task list. In our game you’ll work together in pairs and you have all day to finish the rallye.

With the help of our clues you will be directed to the locations and once there, you need to send a photo of yourself at the location to the mobile phone number, which will be given to your group at the beginning of the event.

When: Saturday, May 29th, 10 am
Please sign up here

As always you can win great prizes from the University Merchandise.
Note: In case of bad weather the event could be postponed to another date on short notice.
We’re looking forward to exploring Wuppertal with you.