Welcome-Week WiSe 2016/17

In a few weeks you guys will be arrived in Wuppervalley and we are going to start our famous Welcome Week program.

And what do we have for you? Icebreaker Games, Regulars‘ Table, Pub Crawl, City Ralley, Brunch, Odeon and many other things as well.

Our advice for you: have a good sleep and rest well because you won’t have time for that in here. Be prepared! 😉

your IST



Bildquelle: http://images.fotocommunity.de/bilder/architektur/architektur-bei-nacht/duesseldorf-skyline-246036cd-a438-4a9c-bce9-8783c6254f81.jpg

Bildquelle: http://images.fotocommunity.de/bilder/architektur/architektur-bei-nacht/duesseldorf-skyline-246036cd-a438-4a9c-bce9-8783c6254f81.jpg

Join in, we will visit the capital of North Rhine Westphalia.


First, the train will take us to the Landtag of NRW, where we will provide some information about its purpose and history.



(If you are interested to see the Landtag inside, you can do a virtual tour on this website: http://www.landtag.nrw.de/web/WWW/video/2013/10/Virtuelle_Tour/index.html )


We will then visit the “Rheinturm“, which you can see on the Panorama photo. It is a large platform, where you can have a 360° view of Düsseldorf.



After that, we will get a famous beer at “Füchschen Brewery“ in Old Town. Also, if possible, you have the opportunity to eat some delicious German food.

The Restaurant


For the rest of the evening you are free to visit the christmas market in Düsseldorf, where you can enjoy Glühwein ( hot wine ), sweets and traditional food.

Weihnachtsmarkt Düsseldorf Altstadt


COST: 1,50€ (to be collected at Stammtisch and in AAA Miss Rademacher’s office!)


Please keep in mind that you will have to take some cash with you for the beer and christmas market part!


It will be worth the money,

looking forward to see you there!


Registration starts now!


Meeting point: Wuppertal train station 15.10 Uhr (train leaves at 15.25.) Don’t forget your train tickets.


Sherin and Mirjam