Wuppertal Zoo, July 17

Come with us to the Green Zoo Wuppertal. The zoo director himself gives us an exclusive tour of the zoo in English. We meet at 13.30h at Wuppertal Hbf.

Tickets: €8/person


The Green Zoo Wuppertal, a 24 hectare park, is one of the most scenic facilities of its kind and is the only zoo included in the European Garden Network. The animal areas, houses and outdoor areas are pleasantly integrated into the landscape, which is characterized by old trees, and give the zoo its own touch. In the animal houses and outdoor areas, monkeys, elephants, birds and penguins, big cats, elephants, reptiles and fish can be observed up close.

Inaugurated in 1995 with imported elephants from South Africa, the elephant house and the outdoor area are a major attraction for visitors. In 2005, “Bongi” was the first female elephant to be born there. There were now so many little elephants that “Numbi” and her children moved to the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna and “Punda” moved to the Beekse Bergen Safari Park in Holland. The elephants are kept in direct contact and daily washing routines and walks around the facility are part of the program. Visitors can watch from a specially constructed grandstand.


Source: https://www.wuppertal.de/tourismus-freizeit/zoologer_garten/index.php