Ölbergfest on June 11

On Saturday, 11.06. the time has finally come! The popular Ölbergfest may take place again after a two-year break.

The Ölbergfest in Marienstraße is thus entering its 9th round this year. Similar to the Luisenfest, there will be a broad culinary programme, just as residents were able to register stalls for sale. There will be a total of seven live music performances, including one by the band WYME, who recently played a gig at the university.

Through over 600 hours of preparation and with volunteer help, as well as donations of €100,000 through the gofundme system, the festival can be made possible.

You can party until late in the night in the local pubs in the Luisenviertel and have a lot of fun and meet nice people! So if you have time, you should definitely not miss it.


(Photo by Josh Howard on Unsplash)