New event! Excursion to the sculpture park

On Sunday 15 May, we will be heading to the Waldfrieden Sculpture Park, which has a fascinating and unique art exhibition to offer!

The sculpture park is known far beyond the borders of Wuppertal and is a popular destination for all art and sculpture enthusiasts, but it is also very suitable for a cultural outing in Wuppertal.

Wilhelm Mundt, a German artist who has been exhibiting some of his sculptures permanently in the Waldfrieden Sculpture Park for years, has been showing some of his current works since 19 March, including his “Unklumpen“. It’s an interesting way of thinking about his art, as most of it is made of rubbish, such as broken glass, leftover paint and similar materials. It seems as if he wants to point to the pollution of our environment, and especially to the way in which environmental pollution is repeatedly covered up. He often ends up covering his artworks with resin or similar materials.

Currently, until 22 May inclusive, you can find the exhibition of Daniel Buren, a French painter and sculptor. As a representative of conceptual art, he offers a colourful exhibition in the Waldfrieden Sculpture Park that combines architecture and colour and is reminiscent of the art movement of the Happening. As the name suggests, the Happening encompasses art that is created by a moment. You can imagine it as follows: Buren attaches colourful foils to the window, but the actual artwork is created when the sun shines on the window and the floor is covered with colourful spots of light.

What is also special about this exhibition is the combination of the art of three different artists over a period of 9 months. Each artist is given three months to exhibit their work. The subsequent artworks in the next exhibition follow on from this. It is the first exhibition to unite a theme across different exhibitions and also the first to connect these three artists. The exhibitions span three generations at once and all of these artists already enjoy international renown.

Other famous artists such as the Englishman Tony Cragg have also exhibited their sculptures in the Waldfrieden Sculpture Park. A visit there is definitely worthwhile!

The artists and works mentioned, as well as many other creative ideas, can be marvelled at in addition to the permanent exhibition during the excursion with the I.S.T. for 6€ per person.

There will be a guided tour in English that starts at 4 pm. You should arrive independently and be there on time! The address is Hirschstraße 12, 42285 Wuppertal. There are still places available, contact us via Instagram or Facebook direct messages. We are looking forward to seeing you!


(Photo by Pascal Bernardon on Unsplash, it is not a photo from the Waldfrieden Sculpture Park)