IST discovers Drachenburg Castle – 23.06.2018

Hey folks,
interested in discovering the pure and exceptional Rhine experience? We want to bring you closer to the heart of Germany’s beautiful nature, the “Siebengebirge” and to Bonn, one of Germany’s most charming cities! For giving you the true Rhine experience we want to combine a tour through the city of Bonn, a ferry cruise on the Rhine from Bonn to Königswinter and a guided tour through Drachenburg Castle, one of Germany’s legendary Castles of the 19th century.

So here is the plan, we will meet up at Wuppetal Main Station at 9 am (most likely on platform 1) and then head to Bonn. Please try to be on time because it would be rather inconvenient to miss the train 😉
Having arrived there, we will show you around Bonn, a city that is unquestionably worth seeing! You will as well have time for a second (or first) breakfast before the ferry cruise to Königswinter starts.
After arriving in Königswinter we will take the “Drachenfelsbahn” to get up the hill to Drachenburg Castle and Drachenfels. Up there, you will have some quality time for yourselves to walk around and to enjoy the scenic view before the guided tour (in English) starts. The guided tour in Drachenburg Castle will be over at roughly 4:30 pm.
At the end of the day, you have the choice between relaxing and enjoying a beer besides the Rhine or chilling in one of Bonn’s fabulous pubs (this is also up to the weather).
Depending on how much time you still want to spend in that area, we’ll be back in Wuppertal at roughly 8pm.

If you’re interested in joining us, you can pay and register during the next two Stammtischs (Gebäude ME, Max-Horkeimer-Str. 15 in 42119 Wuppertal)! The costs are 6,50€ per person. Unfortunately the number is limited to only 20 participants, so make sure you don’t wait too long to pay 😉

Really looking forward to the trip with you!
Hendrik, Lujain, Sebastian

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