Corona Regulations

Here you can find a FAQ section of the BUW about the current Corona regulations.

There are several corona test centers who offer rapid antigen tests for every citizen of Wuppertal. You can get tested there for free.
Here you can find a test center near you. Please note that some of them require you to make an appointment and that you can only take a corona test if you don't have any symptoms.

There is also a test center on Campus in building K. It is open Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm. Here you can make an appointment.

The university cannot make a definite statement about the teaching situtaion in the winter semester yet. Currently, the faculties are planning rooms and times for a scenario with full attendance. At the same time, however, scenarios are being planned for reduced attendance in the event that the development of the pandemic makes this necessary.

For your personal planning, you should prepare yourself for that a significant number of courses to take place in presence on campus at the beginning or in the course of winter term 21/22 and that you will then no longer be entitled to a parallel online course.

More detailed information about the teaching conditions in the winter Semester 2021/22 can be found in the current issue of the newsletter of  the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.

Course Program

For information on the courses offered at the BUW go to StudiLöwe. You can review the course program without entering user name and password:
Click on "Studienangebot" >"Vorlesungsverzeichnis anzeigen" and choose the Bachelor or Master program you're interested in.

To search for courses taught in English go to StudiLöwe and click on “Studienangebot“ > "Veranstaltungen suchen" > “Erweiterte Suche“ > “Lehrsprache“ = choose “englisch“

A collection of English-taught courses offered by the faculties can be found here.


On the university website you can find an overview on student accomodations as well as platforms to find private accomodations.

For Erasmus + and other guest students:

You have the option to apply for a place in a student hall of residence in the course of your application process at the BUW. Just fill out the application form and send it to intsek@uni-wuppertal.de
For further information click here or contact intsek@uni-wuppertal.de.

Please note that as a guest student you should only apply through the Student Admission and Registration for International Students (intsek@uni-wuppertal.de) and NOT on the website of the student residences.

You can find a room in a shared flat for about 250€ - 340€ per months (including basic incedential expenses). Be aware that sometime rents are indicated wthout incidential expense and may seem very low at first, however additional costs will have to be met.

Before siging a lease agreement you should make sure to ask for the following information:

  • What incidental rental costs, are payable for, e.g., heating, electricity, water, cleaning of stairways, television, etc.?
  • Is there a security deposit that needs to be paid in advance?
  • Is the apartment furnished? ( on WG-Gesucht for example you can adjust your search criteria to search for furnished rooms)
  • Are there facilities for laundry facilities?
  • What services are included: Telephone, Internet, television?

You should also pay attention to the notice period ("Kündigungsfrist"). If you did not agree on a fixed rental period in your lease aggreement, the legal housing notice period usually amounts to three months. Housing notices usually have to be submitted in writing.

On the following platforms you can search for a room in a private shared flat:


'Semesterticket' for Public Transport

Every student of the BUW has access to a ticket for public transportation in Wuppertal and NRW. You can download the ticket on the online portal 'Wusel'.

Here we listet all the steps to access your 'Semesterticket' on Wusel.

After downloading the pdf with your ticket, you can print it out yourself. You can also save the ticket on your mobile device, but make sure that all the relevant ticket data and the QR code are visible. The ticket is only valid in combination with your ID card, so make sure you always have it with you.

The 'Semesterticket' is valid for one semester (6 months). 7 days a week, 24 hours!!

Summer term: April - September
Winter term: October - March

You can use all public transportation except for IC-, EC- o ICE-connections of the "Deutsche Bahn" in the entire NRW route networkand even in some peripheral areas.

Click here for further information on the ticket.


The ticket allows you to take one additional person with you for free from Monday to Friday from 7 p.m., all day on weekends and public holidays as well as on December 24 and 31 in the entire VRR (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Rhur) are (Note: This does NOT apply for the whole NRW area!).

You can also take along your bike in the VRR area.