Extraschicht, June 1

Experience a cultural night of superlatives: Around 500 events at around 50 venues in 20 different cities make the Ruhr area a unique cultural metropolis.

Once a year, a very special cultural event turns the Ruhr area into what it is often perceived as from the outside: a Ruhr metropolis in which city boundaries no longer play a role and in which the special features of the previously industrially used region become a larger whole merge.

The Extra Shift – Night of Industrial Culture brings the region’s industrial heritage sites very close together for one night and offers visitors a spectrum of cultural experiences that no other experience can match.


Because the Extraschicht is a festival of superlatives: around 500 different events take place in a single night at more than 50 venues in 22 different Ruhr area locations. A good 2,000 artists are involved in providing visitors with a wide variety of cultural experiences in the spectacular backdrops of the industrial culture locations.

In this seemingly endless offering, guests are free to choose: look at street art? Listen to the symphony orchestra? Experience improvisational theater? Or would you rather dance at the headphone party?


The great thing about the extra shift is that there is no reason to make a final decision. The unique concept of the Night of Industrial Culture enables problem-free movement between different venues. A mobility system designed specifically for the extra shift takes the approximately 200,000 visitors to the program items of their choice.

Source: https://www.nrw-tourismus.de/extraschicht


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