Auslandsstudium / Auslandspraktikum

Lorenzo Spada

Italy // Summer term 2019 // 23 years old (at time of exchange) // Studies foreign languages

– What memories do you think of often?
Even though, Wuppertal is not as big as other cities such as Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, you'll surely meet a real and compact erasmus group. The experiences I had with those people are surely something I'll take with and within me forever!

– What did you like about the university, the IST, Wuppertal or Germany in general?
The structure of the university is really complex and well organized. It gives you the possibility to enter wherever you want and get to your class without going out again, something very useful, especially in the winter season. IST Crew people are the best. You will get a buddy who will always be there for you, but actually everyone of the crew will try her or his best to help you in every circumstance. For real, I owe them! Wuppertal is located in one of the best regions of Germany, easy to reach thanks to a lot of close airports. Furthermore, once you get your Semesterticket, you can travel throughout the whole Bundesland (state) for free! Amazing, isn't it?

– What do you take with you from this time for the future?
I believe erasmus is a brilliant experience. It's a privilege only few people can live. I think I grew up a lot and I gained a lot of experience, academically and not. Something everyone should do!

– Could you improve on your German skills?
I already knew German before my erasmus experience in Wuppertal, but of course, everyone made amazing steps into the German language!

– What do you want to tell people who are thinking about a semester abroad at the University of Wuppertal?
Something I learnt from this experience is to say always 'Yes, let's do this! I'm in!' and just enjoy it! It will be brilliant!